Friday, 1 November 2013

Shimla on a Bike!! Part 3

The first morning in Shimla was spent on Mall Road and The Ridge. For me, the most vivid memory of Shimla is the little narrow metal footpaths on the roadsides. I dont know why but thats the first thought that strikes me when I think of Shimla. Post the walks, we walked up to Jakhoo. At that time, the huge Hanuman statue was not there, just the temple, trees and many from Hanuman's army. The climb up to the temple is beautiful. First, the climb through the narrow lanes of Shimla and then through the trees. We didnt see too many monkeys during our climb but when we reached the temple, Hanuman's army was present, quite literally. I had never seen so many monkeys... ever.
Walk to Jakhoo Temple - Fitness Test
Since he is the "I will not go to a temple" kinds, I went ahead with a warning from him. And what was the warning? To be careful with the prasad as the monkey army is very well trained. After a lot of shooing(the monkeys away) we were ready to leave the temple premises. A smartass  monkey decides to not let us leave without taking its hafta. I had smartly kept the prasad in my jean pockets but it turned out that this guy along with its friend were smarter. When he, I mean my HE (not the monkey) was shooing away the accomplice, the smartass monkey pulls open my jean pocket and puts his hand in trying to get some prasad. Luckily I removed some from the other pocket and threw it away. Only then did the monkey go away. Phew!! And during this monkey assault what was my he doing. Laughing like a mad man. We still laugh at that memory and are amazed at how well the monkeys know their tricks.
Walk to Jakhoo Temple - View amongst the Trees
On our way down all we did was click pics and more pics. At the 3 Idiots spot I got mehendi applied and then had lunch at some hotel on Mall road which was one of his regular spots. We passed time on Mall Road and Ridge and then went to Lakkar Bazaar to pick some souvenir. We clicked some pics at the 3 Idiots spot and quickly headed back to the hotel as we had to travel all the way back to Chandigarh.
Our ride back to Chandigarh went by quite quickly. We stopped at Cafe Coffee Day, Dharampur again. We made plans to visit Kasauli sometime. We did not stop at Mughal Garden... again. This time my backside did not co-operate as well as the to journey.
Shimla View
My only unhappy part about this trip was that I didnt go out once it became dark as I was feeling cold. Next time I will brave the cold and see Shimla at night too. And some day I will come when Shimla is covered with snow. Some day..

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