Monday, 30 September 2013

Shimla on a Bike!! Part 2

The elusive Mughal Garden visit was pushed to another day. Actually HE made the decision and I meekly agreed. No!!! Not because I listen to everything he says. Quite the contrary actually. I agreed because I knew that we the great sleepyheads had left very late and we didn't want couldn't afford any more delays.
Mughal Garden - Pinjore

You must be wondering why the enthusiasm to see something so touristy and crowded. But I cant help it. I like touristy, crowded places as much as I like the quiet, unknown, untouched places. Okay! I admit I love the hustle-bustle of a tourist spot. Somehow makes my trip complete. Some crowd. Some shopping. Some good food and some bad. Some unnecessary overpriced shopping and yes, definitely the quiet, peaceful spots too.HE is the opposite. Quiet, untouched, serene are on the top of his list. But we are learning to appreciate each others views. Me, the quiet ans HE, the hustle-bustle of a tourist town.
Tranquil & Serene Kasol
Crowded Shimla

Riding further from Pinjore, we were soon on the Hills. The views cannot be described. You have to be there to experience it. We passed Timber Trail Heights at Parwanoo(which we didn't visit due to shortage of time), a hotel with a rope-way and a restaurant at the higher end of the rope-way.
Timber Trail Heights, Parwanoo

Finally at Dharampur, with a slightly sore backside, we decided to take a break. After a cup of coffee at Cafe Coffee Day and compliments from HIM that I did not ask for a break earlier, we moved ahead. I was enjoying the sights unaware of the rising tension in his head about reaching safely especially the 16-17 kms stretch near Solan. We reached Shimla safe and sound around dinner time without any unwanted incidents. We finalized on a Hotel on the outer side of the Ridge. Pavan-Hamsa, or some name like that. We ate dinner and fell asleep almost immediately. I was glad we reached safely and I was super thrilled that we were finally in Shimla.
Shimla, finally ...

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