Saturday, 14 September 2013

Best Spots to Lose Track of Time

Gaze at the views that surround and be oblivious to the ticking clock. As of 13 Sep 2013 I have been to few such places that make me want to sit and do nothing. My top 5 are...

  • Watching the Sunset in Kumarakom from Vembanad Lake
I've seen a lot of sunsets(Perks of staying in a Coastal Town) but the beauty of that particular sunset I can never forget. It was like a painting, the lake waters and then the trees that formed a silhouette against the sky.

  • Balcony/Courtyard of Naggar Palace
Watch the mountains or the valley from the balcony or the courtyard and forget about time. They have accommodation too.(have to keep in mind for the next visit)

  • Beach Shack in Goa
Sit at a shack, drink in hand, watch the almost hypnotizing waves and calm suddenly gets a new meaning.(provided the beach is not overly crowded, else all you'll see are people)
No pic for this one.. Guess I was lost in my thoughts... ;-)

  • Take Off Point for Paragliding in Solang Valley(Manali)
Solang Valley - Crowded!! But the spot up the mountain from where para-gliders take off, that's the one to talk about. Snow covered peaks that surround you, and in winter, snow under your feet and in the valley below too. All you need to do is pick a comfortable spot and enjoy the view(in winter you'd need waterproof clothing coz you have to sit on snow and last thing you want is your backside getting all wet and cold)

  • Lucky Dhaba in Kasol
A blink and miss dhaba in Kasol. I've nothing to say about the dhaba in terms of food but the location is unbelievable. A river flowing by, coniferous trees, snow clad peaks in the distance and a table right by the river. Could it get any better?(i think i should ask HIM about the food there.. coz hes a more frequent visitor than me)

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